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about us

Our company was established in Cayman Island by consortium of professional portfolio managers and financial advisors. We commenced operations in July 2008, and our principal activities consist of investments, consumer and commercial financing, hedge funds, Crypto currency. These business lines constitute the engines of the company’s continued growth. We can be both, a financier, and a partner in your projects. Furthermore, we offer turnkey solutions and innovative financing solutions for commercial real estate projects such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and retail outlets. Our array of high-net-worth individuals across the middle east engage in the diversification of their wealth under portfolios to fund startups, renewable energy projects, mines, oil and gas, healthcare, and prospective projects across the globe.

Scope of Operations

We offer opportunistic financing to provide investment for long-term projects.

The Fund’s operations are focused primarily on the sectors of agriculture and irrigation, transport and communications, energy, industry, water and startup companies.
WEBSIT_NAME continuously develops and refines its lending products and services, utilizing its vast industry experience and applying the most optimal financial instruments in order to deliver the most suited customized strategies and solutions to its clients.

The company offers a unique array of exclusive facilities executed promptly and to high standards those include:

  • Flexible term loans and Project financing solutions devised exclusively for each client, whatever your project and funding need.
  • simply provide us with your executive summary.
  • profile of your company.
  • possible financial breakdown on your repayment.
  • allow us handle the funding negotiation through our arrays of private investors who rely on us to put their fund into use on a minimal interest with guarantee for their capital.

Management Team

Our business is to understand your business

Dr. Dwight Cambridge

Head Of Mandate

Holds an LLB from the University of the Bahamas – Nassau, The Bahamas and an MBA from the London Business School, Dr. Dwight is responsible for all government related clearance, modification and all merger and acquisition protocols. He has a long experience with the Cayman Island the Bahamas offshore banking regulations, Hedge Funds and Due Diligence reports and submission of final approvals for credit facilities, court notarization and attestations. He also handles project inspections and inventories and advises as a qualified portfolio advisor to the investors. He has extensive experience in advising clients on legal aspects in banking, Islamic finance, project finance, UAE/Qatar debt capital markets, private public initiatives and privatization.

His clients include developers, sponsors, banks, government institutions and private entities/Investors. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Benjamin has practiced globally and has established a very trusted partnership with some high net worth individuals and Arab investors who rely on Dr. Dwight legal connections to engage in private and public partnership ventures and project investments and debt financing.

Mohamed Moustapha Kone

Senior Associate

He graduated from Bristol University in 1997 and was called to the Bar in 1998. He obtained a master’s degree in International Business Law from Exeter University in 2000.

He had several years’ experience in Oil and Gas in the UK North Sea, Malta, Singapore and Qatar before moving to UAE where he joined AFSG, specializing in Corporate and Commercial law, specifically international trade and Wealth Portfolio, Construction, Energy, Banking and Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, including establishing commercial and industrial joint ventures and companies at the DIFC Dubai and elsewhere in the Middle East, applying local laws and regulations to such arrangements.

Mr. Christian Lonsdale

Business Development Manager

Mr. Christian Lonsdale joined WEBSIT_NAME on April 2014 and holds the role of Business Development Manager. He is instrumental in various aspects of the business from deal origination, execution, portfolio management and formulating exit strategies. Mr. Lonsdale has been integrally involved in several WEBSIT_NAME investments in the Oil & Gas, Consumer, Renewable Energy, Mining and engineering industries. He is actively involved in both deal execution and portfolio management–where he focuses on value creation and performance improvement for the firm. In this role, he leverages his broad and deep experience to focus on accelerating the company's business growth in all markets.

Dewei Pai

Chief Financial Officer

Dewei Pai joined WEBSIT_NAME in January 2013 and currently holds the role of Chief Financial Officer, overseeing the Finance, Treasury and External Portfolio functions. As the Chief Financial Officer, Dewei is responsible for implementing effective financial policies and controls, financial reporting to relevant stakeholders in addition to developing, implementing and managing an optimal capital structures that effectively meets short term liquidity needs and long term strategic objectives.

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